Sunday, August 22, 2004

Low monsoon rain may hit next wheat crop Low monsoon rain may hit next wheat crop

Now what the hell is a fella to do...water shortage, again! First it was rice, then maize, now wheat. Pakistan doesnt have enough water it seems... and that is irony of it all, we have the largest canal system in the WORLD. And we face water shortages that are severe enough to bring about drought in hard-hit regions. People die because of no water, far more a damage than acres of crop dying out. Or is it? Maybe less crops would kill more people with famine than people dieing through drought. Enough talk about killing people.

We have four bore holes in the ground. For 150 acres. That should be suffiecient. But I need a plan. To ensure its effective as well. Hmmmm.

God be with us all. Ameen to dat!


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